American Express approached my agency to develop the testing strategy and final creative for a quarterly value recap email for 3 Amex card products. The goal was to reinforce the value of card membership by showcasing how much Card Members have earned to date in rewards and how much more they could earn through various card benefits.

Under the guidance of the Associate Creative Director, I served as the lead designer on this project and worked closely with a senior copywriter to develop two concepts and present them to the client. After a concept was selected, we developed the rest of the content together and I executed the design & third-party assets for the final creative.

The finished product was a highly personalized email with multiple dynamic variations. The concept featured a stacked bar graph that utilized real-time technologies to highlight Card Member data in 3-4 different categories. The design also incorporated additional modules that were targeted by the Card Member's highest earn (containing a congratulatory message) and lowest earn (containing a reminder message). This level of dynamic targeting allowed for the most value-driven content to be displayed based on the Card Members' buying behavior.

Visual Design, Art Direction
There were four versions of the bar graph, depending on the Card Member's spend history in any of the four categories. I accounted for all dynamic scenarios to ensure that the design could function properly.
I was also responsible for the art direction of 12 animated GIFs for the heroes, working closely with a motion graphics artist and a developer to ensure proper file setup & execution. Some examples below:
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